What's On?

The 2020-2021 season will be an exciting challenge for KCLSO. Whilst we must stick to COVID-19 guidelines, we strive to make this season as great as all our previous seasons and have crafted a plan that will take us on some exciting new musical adventures. 

For the first time we will be diving into the world of small ensemble and chamber music, as well as our traditional symphonic work, which is a completely new avenue for KCLSO. We are positive that this will bring a whole new perspective on making music for all our members as well as our audience.


Where some might say COVID-19 guidelines are restrictive, we say; well let's try something fresh and new that KCLSO hasn't done before!

See the drop down menus attached to this page for information regarding each of our 2020-2021 concerts...

December Concert - 6th December 2020, The Great Hall, Strand Campus, KCL

February Concert - TBC

Spring Concert - TBC

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